Gluten Free at the State Fair of Texas

14 Sep

Big Tex, Texas State Fair, Dallas

I mentioned earlier this week how excited I was about going to the State Fair of Texas and how quickly the concessions people responded to my email about the availability of gluten-free food options.  Today, the woman emailed me and I am happy to now share it with you!

Gluten Free Food Items

State Fair of Texas 2012

This is just a general list of some gluten-free items that are at the fair. Please feel free to inquire about ingredients at each booth you visit if you are not sure about the gluten content of the products.

  • Smoked Turkey Legs (located throughout the grounds but check before purchasing in case they use seasonings or glaze)
  • Sausage on a Stick (Sold by Newport Concessions – 10 locations throughout the grounds)
  • Roasted Corn (one on Main Midway – #M-27 and one in Gate Way area #C-3)
  • Jack’s French Fries (4 locations in Cotton Bowl Plaza – no cross contamination when cooking).
  • Tornado Taters (one location on Nimitz Dr and one location on Fun Way St, on the Midway)
  • Pokey’Os Cookies & Cream (Gluten free Blue Bell ice cream – several flavors)
  • Racheros Fajitas (fruit cup)
  • Lermas Gorditas (fruit cup – in Cotton Bowl plaza)
  • Homestyle Foods (Fresh squeezed lemonade – located at Front Gate and in the Food Court)
  • Family Fun Foods (Fresh squeezed lemonade – several locations through the grounds)
  • Katie’s Café (Fresh squeezed lemonade – located on Fun Way St on the midway)
  • Jim B. Conaster (cotton candy – 9 locations throughout the grounds)
  • Popcorn (sold through different vendors)
  • Homemade Root Beer (2 locations – one on Fun Way St (Midway) and one on International Blvd.)
  • Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt: (one on Midway on Fun Way St.  Chocolate frozen yogurt, vanilla frozen yogurt, strawberry lemonade sorbet, koolade pickles, iced tea pickles, shaved ice)
  • Hast Texas Nachos (nachos – inside the food court)
  • Pedro’s Tamales (tamales – inside the food court)
  • It’s All Greek to Me (Greek salads – check the dressing; inside the food court)
  • A Taste of New Orleans (Red Beans & Rice, Dirty rice – inside the food court)
  • Oak Farms Dairy (milk and other beverages – inside the food court)

For a PDF version of the Gluten-Free List, click here.

Alas, the list does not include fried dough or fried pickles but I’m happy with knowing the fries are fried in a dedicated fryer!  (Side note: My boyfriend is quite happy that I can generally no longer eat fries – or anything – off his plate at restaurants.  When the realization struck him, his eyes just lit up!)

I’m really glad to know that they have taken the time and effort to compile this list and show an awareness about Celiac disease and the effects of cross-contamination.  State Fair of Texas, here I come!

I did not ask about other allergens, but their Food Service people were extremely helpful. If anyone finds out about other allergens, I’d love to hear about it! In absence of any answers, their website says “if you have dietary or other reasons for wanting to bring your own food or beverages, please do“.

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